Fabrice Wexley

Photos by Akos Major.

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Meet Luke.

Luke’s background is as dynamic as his work. By day he’s a spreadsheet-slinging CPA ready to take on the world’s most complicated of tax returns, but by golden hour you can find him cycling the Texas hill country or capturing images that make something mundane seem stunning.

He first developed a passion for photography while living in Spain by wandering the streets of Barcelona and surrounding countryside and getting lost in architectural elements and landscapes. Several years later, he met Amy in a produce aisle and the two soon created a habit of documenting scenic road trips and travels of their own.

Ready for a new adventure, the two started a photography business to help encourage others to share in their love of an adventurous lifestyle coupled with photos that resonate. Luke brings an array of unique skill sets to his photography like his attention to detail, creative eye, and best of all his organic scouting style. His biking excursions enable Amy Weiss Photography to consistently provide new and uncommon locations for photoshoots across Texas and we enjoy being able to introduce these beautiful spaces to our clients.

When Luke isn’t training for his next IronMan race or behind a lens, you’ll find him exploring unmarked trails both through Austin and in life, always on a path to find what's next.