Meet Amy. 

Before starting Amy Weiss Photography, I spent ten years in advertising helping brands find their voice. Through it all, the thing I loved most was getting to know the people behind the brands and learning about why they connected with their audiences. Who they were and what resonated with them. So now, instead of working for brands and writing about their stories, I work with people to tell the stories that words can’t.

The concept of creating genuine connections is something that stuck with me and has extended into my own company. I love being able to help those around me feel comfortable enough to showcase who they are in an artful way. This is what enables me to create the kind of images couples and families find sentimental and filled with loving moments they can look back on later. Or capture a small business in a new light that allows them to better tell the story of their brand through photography.

I've been known to shoot a little bit of everything but my focus is on natural light, on-location or in-home, documentary lifestyle photography. Whether it's the look a new mom has when her child does something cute during a photoshoot or the way sunlight hits a couple in their first home, I find taking these images to be fulfilling because I've always thought life and love make the best subjects for art. 

When I’m not behind a camera, I’m spending time with my husband, cooking with friends, or planning another trip/adventure near an ocean somewhere, my second home. Thank you for stopping by my website. Feel free to message me anytime, or book your appointment online if you’re ready to schedule a session. I’d love to work with you!